Monday, July 27, 2015

Really hard to choose eh?
You certainly might think BOTH would get some press.  I mean they BOTH are issues.  One is hard to keep out of the Press.  The Parties all talk about it.  It is pretty important to some.  In fact for most Canadians they may be a little torn between the two headlines.  Which to read about?  Kinda a tough call eh?

Well, don’t fret about it as our Mainstream Media AND the Political Parties have decided for you what YOU really want to read about.  What YOU want to know.  They have decided to ignore ONE of these two issues, all together (with the exception of the Green Party) and only talk about what is MOST important (in their opinion) to you Canadians.

And you got it!  Did you really guess?  The most important topic out of these two thing IS :

Not Methane!
Just a hint for ya.  Now go on with your day

1 comment:

  1. Looks like your Canadian masters are just as foolish, stupid & GREEDY as those in your big neighbor to the south.
    If our masters refuse to ACT to cut carbon emission, they will be just as cooked as the rest of us pawns.
    Someone needs to tell our "masters" that EXTINCTION will include THEM as well.